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Page Builder Contest Rules

The Page Builder Contest will start accepting contest entries on September 22 trough October 22 unless there is less that 2 entries for the contest then the date will be extended to November 22.

After the entry part of the contest there will be a Poll on the top 10 pages and voting will be allowed from October 22 through November 22 unless there is less that 2 votes in the polls then the date will be extended to 1 month.

After the contest is over we will E-mail all the contestants (except the people who didn't tell us their E-mail address) will be notified by E-Mail who won the contest (unless they kept their name Anonymous) and the Page Name of the contest also the winner in his/her page  name will be posted on our web site too (unless they kept their name Anonymous).

The winner will have his/her page built on our web site  by the end of November unless the contest gets extended

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