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Happy 4th Birthday Nick and Kevin web site!


This history of our web site

Now we'll tell you how we thought of our web site.

We first thought of it when we saw a program on my computer called Trellix Web. We opened it and it said that this was a site builder. So, We just tried it for fun. We picked the name of it. We first called it Kevin web site. We changed it to Nick and Kevin web site another day. Then we put Kevin's picture at the home page. Next, we picked the background named Picket Fence. After that, we put in the web pages. Then we had to put them in order. Now we were done making it. Next, we published it but We had to sign up for a host. We looked through the lists of hosts, we picked Tripod, and we filled out the form for signing up. Then we published it but it didn't work the first time. So we published it again and It worked! We could not believe that we had our own web site. Thatís how our web site started.

New and Updated Stuff

Updated Pages:

1. Web Sites

2. My Friends

New Pages:

1. Our Pets

2. Mailbag

New Web Sites:

1. Nick's Video Game News

1. Nick and Kevin web site theme

2. Nick and Kevin web site wallpaper

3. Nick and Kevin web site's 4th Birthday wallpaper


1. Page Builder Contest

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